I’m really glad my brain has a filter otherwise I would have yelled “toodle-pip, bitch!” as I left my class.

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Photographer Taylor McCormick's Surreal Images - (Part 2)

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Gorgeous artworks by T.S. Claire

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nature is rad

These are the most stunning nature photos I have ever seen


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make me choose ♡ stonerclone and doctcr asked

↳ breaking bad, teen wolf, or doctor who?

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Supernatural fans, ever wonder why the boys are named Winchester? Not only is it a brand of gun but there’s a famous ghost story that goes with it

Sarah Winchester, wife of the gun-maker William Winchester, visited a medium after her husband died of tuberculosis. She was told that the family was cursed and being haunted by people who had been killed with Winchester rifles. The psychic said the ghosts could be appeased if she built a house for them. “Never stop building,” she was told “or you’ll die”

For the next 38 years she had construction going on the home 24 hours a day

Each night she held a seance to ask the ghosts what to build next. Because she let the dead design much of the house the layout doesn’t always make sense

There are staircases that lead to ceilings

doors that open onto walls

and one that leads to a two story drop off

Sarah Winchester slept in a different room every night hoping the ghosts wouldn’t be able to find her. In 1922 she died in her sleep

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